How to Pick Up Younger Women Online - Advice for Older Guys

Published: 04th February 2011
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Are you a middle-aged man with a bit of money behind him, his own home and no baggage?

If so, you are a prime candidate for picking up a hot young babe using Internet dating.

You don't have to be super good looking, and you don't have to be as wealthy as a millionaire. You still have the possibility and the power in your hands. Just like older women are going for younger guys to form a relationship, quite often the younger women will turn to more mature men for their online relationships.

Why are younger women looking for romance among a bunch of middle-aged guys when there are so many fit younger guys on Internet dating sites?

There are a few reasons.

Middle-aged to older guys have the edge over younger males:

* More experienced

* Better lovers

* More mature outlook

* More safety and security

* Better lifestyle offered (home, car)

* Less substance abuse

* Father figure

* Financially more secure

All of these factors make mature men a wonderful option for females using online dating services. Don't worry if you're not the most handsome man in the world, if a younger lady is showing interest in you, then physical appearance quite often takes a back seat.

A word of caution, though. Some women will see you just as a source of money and security, and not focus on you as a man or a person. These are women you need to avoid, and it is usually obvious to tell which ones these are. You need to find online dates who respect you for who you are, not what you have in the bank or how much your house is worth.

Also on the negative side with these types of relationships, is the cultural and social gap. It will sometimes seem to you that your younger girlfriend is speaking an entire different language. Quite often you will wish she had the same experiences as you - old movies and events that were important to you once upon a time will mean absolutely nothing to her. This can make communication on a deeper level difficult.

As a way of getting around this, it is up to you - if you really want to pursue your online dating with a younger woman - to get with it. You need to know the latest music, TV shows, celebrities etc., otherwise you won't have much to chat about. To be on the safe side, try and keep the age difference to a minimum, for example if you are forty, then you should seek women online who are below the age of 25, because you are dealing with females who are virtually just out of their teens compared to you.

What really sets you up for success with younger women on the Internet is your attitude. If you behave like an old fuddy-duddy and listen to outdated 60s music, you won't attract any younger women. Modernize yourself, and you will have plenty of dates with young babes.

The very fact that you are seeking a younger woman on the Internet shows that you are not a dinosaur; just keep your ambition in line with the reality of your situation.

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